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Cellular Shades Next To Galivan CA

Cellular Shades

Customer Issue: Mr. Willows wanted to reduce his energy costs, but didn’t want to sacrifice on style.
Our Solution: We talked to Mr. Willows about his needs and wishes and then suggested installing cellular shades. Not only would they perfectly match the overall style of our customer’s home, but they would also do exactly what our customer needed - cut down energy costs in all seasons! We measured the windows around the house, created the shades and, on our second visit, installed them. They fitted like a glove and functioned flawlessly.

Paul Willows - Galivan
Roller Shades Nearest Mission Viejo CA

Roller Shades

Customer Issue: Mr. Seol wanted something to keep his living room warm as well as shaded. Some insulating honeycomb roller shades fit the bill.
Our Solution: Mr. Seol wanted thermal control above all, so we cut out a triple-layered cellular panel to his window’s dimensions. Our team affixed a silvery sheer fabric sheet to each surface and then hooked it up with a string-drawn roller in the customer’s window frame. The silvery coloration is both decorative and added protection against uncontrolled solar heating.

Rob Seol - Mission Viejo
Roman Shades Close to Las Flores CA

Roman Shades

Customer Issue: Mrs. Wilkerson runs a fine dining restaurant. He wanted to have new window coverings put in that would adequately portray the elegant air she wanted.
Our Solution: Our professionals suggested Roman shades, due to their gorgeous folds that have no problem conveying a regal aesthetic. The soft, distinctive shape of these shades are unmatched when it comes to beauty, making them an excellent fit for her lavish design and food. Mrs. Wilkerson decided that an emerald green cloth looked best in her restaurant.

Rosemarie Wilkerson - Las Flores
Blackout Blinds Close To Coto De Caza CA

Blackout Blinds

Customer Issue: The customer worked late nights and was tired of being woken up sooner than wanted by the sun coming in.
Our Solution: Our experts consulted with Mr. Butler and offered blackout blinds as a solution to completely keep out the sun for as long as he needed. He happily agreed to this, and the bedroom windows were measured so each set of blinds would fit securely and completely keep out any light. They were installed once they were finished.

Carl Butler - Coto De Caza
Vertical Blinds Nearby Lake Forest CA

Vertical Blinds

Customer Issue: Wanted to add style to the large glass kitchen sliding windows with classic vertical blinds.
Our Solution: The customer chose the traditional basic look of vertical blinds in a trendy textured vinyl, with a 3 ½” dust cover valance with a matching vane insert. Our team installed the stylish blinds with a split stack and continuous cord loop for added convenience, making it a perfect, eye-catching addition to the kitchen.

Lloyd Wilkins - Lake Forest
Motorized Shades Next To Mission Viejo CA

Motorized Shades

Customer Issue: The customer wanted his home to be more energy efficient.
Our Solution: This customer already had a smart home set up, so it only made sense to upgrade his shades to motorization that could work with that system. Now they’re able to freely move according to the temperature and avoid unnecessary heat or air conditioning spending.

Felix Graves - Mission Viejo
Drapery Next To Las Flores CA


Customer Issue: The customer was looking for something less modern for window coverings.
Our Solution: Thanks to the fact that this customer needed window coverings for large rooms, our professionals felt that drapery would be an excellent choice. It never goes out of style and the elegant flare made the living room and bedroom feel bigger.

Rochelle Olson - Las Flores
Vinyl Blinds Close-by Mission Viejo CA

Vinyl Blinds

Customer Issue: The customer wanted blinds that required little maintenance.
Our Solution: Our experts felt that vinyl blinds would be the best fit for this customer after consulting with her, as she was looking for blinds that would be simple to keep clean and wouldn’t be too pricy. They’re straightforward and effective!

Joan Allen - Mission Viejo
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Personal Touch

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Beautiful Collection

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Fast Response

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